3 Minute Porter doing my Dupont glass proud

First off, 3 Minute Porter is ready to roll and absolutely rocking right now.   Mike and I cracked a bottle a couple weeks ago that was not quite ready, leading us to doubt this one.   Thankfully, those couple weeks of development turned this into a fantastic hoppy porter, and probably my favorite beer that I have brewed so far (though it seems like every time I do a good one, it’s my new favorite).   The nose is a blast of grapefruit and tangerine, backed by some subtle chocolate.   The flavor is a nice mix of toasty chocolate and ripe citrus fruits, anding with a pleasant but smooth bitterness.   This is drinking great right now, and hopefully I can keep my dad from drinking all of it before the tasting that we’re hosting this weekend, so some other guys can have a crack at it.

On a little lower note, Mike and I brewed again this sunday with some less than desired results.   We attempted at Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ clone, which is basically a very wheat-dominant IPA.   We decided to try it all grain, and brewing with flaked wheat and lots of wheat malt threw us a little bit of a curve ball.   We ended up with a 1.050 original gravity, but our target was 1.072… ya, something went very wrong there.   I guess I’ll have to do a little homework on wheat before our next attempt.   There are a ton of hops in this one, so hopefully it’ll attenuate well and we’ll get an awesomely hoppy American wheat ale.   Check back in a month or so.