St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone again, and there was undoubtedly plenty of the black stuff consumed.   Didn’t finish that case of Guinness on wednesday and want something to do with it?   Irish stout bread is the perfect solution.

I got this recipe from Kayla at BabeInSoyland and you are going to have to check her site out for the lowdown on how to make this stuff.   I make plenty of beer bread, but this brown sugar, raisin, and almond (though it originally called for walnuts) infused stout bread is a new twist for me.   I’ll admit that I actually did have Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day as part of a blind tasting of the Big 3 Irish Stouts, (Guinness, Murphy’s and Beamish) but it sadly got last place and there was no more left for making bread.   Problem easily solved though, as I still have the bulk of a 5 gallon batch of partial-mash Irish stout that I brewed about a month and a half ago.   I baked some regular whole wheat beer bread with it last week and it was excellent as well.   I find that the richer flavors of homebrew or domestic craft-brewed versions of the style add much more to a recipe than the comparatively thin and bland Guinness.   This bread is a nice compromise between a sweeter cake and a normal bread, as the brown sugar and raisins give it just enough sweetness.   I think this would be great for breakfast, toasted with some earth balance on it.