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Today, I got my first taste of the Siebel Institute of Technology.   While classes don’t actually start until tomorrow, we had a welcome reception this afternoon where students were able to meet faculty and mingle with their new classmates.   The taps in the Siebel bier stube were flowing with Sierra Nevada and the local Half Acre Daisy Cutter Pale Ale, and I have to say that this is looking to be a good group of people to work with for the next 12 weeks.   It’s amazing how easy it is to get to know other beer people over a couple pints; I mean, we all know how much brewers love to talk about brewing.   Pack a room full of brewing students, and things get pretty loud pretty quick.

One thing that surprised me was that most of the students are either pretty much in the same boat as me, (wanting to work at or open a small brewery) or are currently in jobs at smaller craft breweries.   I may be the only true hop head of the bunch (gasp!), but I can appreciate where everyone is coming from.   We even have a young woman all the way from Japan in the class!   And I thought flying in from the west coast was far…   Well, class starts tomorrow and I think I’ll get some more details posted once things are underway.   I need to get some sleep and get ready for barley analysis and malting bright and early tomorrow.   Oh, and chicago kicks ass so far.   This really is a great town for both veg food and beer.   More on that later, if I ever clear my travel post backlog…