I have to admit that I’ve been pretty bad about updates for the past few weeks. Between full-time school in Munich, living in a hostel, and then the last week and a half on the road (while still getting my december column for West Coaster done), things have just been insane. I write you now from London, where the class has been for the last four days. England has been an enlightening experience, with a fresh perspective on cask ale being just one thing to talk about.

Tomorrow we get back on the bus for Belgium, where we are touring Abbey Des Rocs and Rodenbach before staying the last night of the trip in Brussels. Thursday will see us stopping for a tour of Orval on the way back to Munich. Once I’m home this weekend I’ll be hitting the keyboard with a vengeance. From German beer halls, all the way back to the Chicago beer scene, I could fill a novel with the past weeks. Stay tuned and I promise I won’t leave you hanging.