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Beer is a beverage best consumed out of something solid, be it a can, bottle, bag, or my personal favorite–a glass. My favorite glass changes from time to time but there is one that I keep coming back to over and over again: the Rastal Teku.

Very similar on feel to a wine glass, but with more beery curves and a radical modern look to it. Lost Abbey is the only American brewer that I have seen brand this glass, though Mikkeller from Denmark also uses it. The thin glass and radical curvature is perfect for tasting, and the balanced feel and pleasing aesthetics make it the kind of glass that I find myself wanting to drink any beverage out of.

One thing that I love about variety though, is that glassware is part of the soul of beer culture. Drinking Kölsch on Cologne wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t out of a 20cl stange, and Orval’s majestic chalice is almost as much a part of the experience as the beer itself. Even a generic English bitter just isn’t the same unless it’s out of a proper imperial pint glass. Just like beer itself, there is a time for every glass.

What’s your favorite glass? Do you like different glasses for different styles? Hate the shaker? Love it?